University Technology (UTech) is dedicated to the effective and efficient delivery of technology services to the university community.

Critical Services - Services that have been identified as core service offerings that impact large portions of the campus community and the core operations of the university. Our critical services each have a service ownership team responsible for ongoing operation of the service as well as continuous improvement initiatives for that service.

For assistance using any of these critical services, or if you suspect an interruption of service, contact the 24/7/365 UTech Service Desk at or 216.368.HELP (4357).

Service Status Dashboard

Hover your cursor over a service to read a description. Click on a service name to be taken to a webpage containing more information, including a link to the service and related documentation. Click the Details icon for specific metrics on that service measurement.

Possible performance degradation
Up Warning Down
Statistics as of Mon Apr 23 03:40:55 2018
Status Service % Availability Details
Up Adobe Connect 99.36 % details
Up Blackboard 99.99 % details
Down Google Calendar 65.69 % details
Down Google Mail 66.0 % details
Up Internet 99.96 % details
Up MediaVision CourseWare 99.92 % details
Up Peoplesoft HCM 99.9 % details
Up Peoplesoft FIN 99.72 % details
Up Peoplesoft SIS 99.79 % details
Up Rave 99.92 % details
Up Software Center 99.93 % details
Up Telephone (VoIP) 99.99 % details
Up VPN Network 99.77 % details
Up Wired Network 99.99 % details
Up Wireless Network 100.0 % details
Up 100.0 % details
Up Active Directory 100.0 % details
Up LDAP 96.72 % details
Up Single Sign-On 100.0 % details